Friday DIY roundup

DIY round up in gold and white

  Traveling alone with the girls has been tough but I’ve got good news – we are all FINALLY getting over the jet lag and I’m one happy mama I’ll tell you that! I mean, it only took a week and 1/2 of sleepless nights. Le Sigh. I’ll share some pictures from our trip in […]

Falling into place

Victory! Freia slept through the night the past two nights, which she had not done in almost two months….I feel like I am getting my brain back! Haha. Don’t ask my friends how many times I’ve *lost* my keys in the past month. Thank goodness for friends willing to take the girls to school while […]

Getting ready for fall…

DIY Fall projects

September in the Bay Area might actually be the hottest month of the year – but nothing will stop me from getting ready for my favorite season of all. Damn you 90 degree weather, I will wear my leather boots if I want to. Hubby shakes his head when he sees me get out of […]

Last minute DIY ideas for mother’s day

DIY ideas for mother's day

Mother’s day is just around the corner – and of course you could run to the store and buy her flowers or chocolate, a gift or card. But making her something yourself, now wouldn’t that be extra special to her? I mean, kinda like when you were little and your made her pasta necklaces and […]

{weekend DIYs} for a cosy winter

DIY cosy winter projects

Oh winter! It’s always so exciting when it starts – the first snow, the thought of having hot cocoa by the fireplace…and then mid-way through it, it always seems like it will never end! To be honest, we don’t even really get winter here in California, and after just a month back home in Europe […]

{Weekend DIYS} make your own holiday gifts

DIY your christmas gifts

Hi friends! Hope you enjoyed my holiday gift guide this week? Today I thought I’d share a few ideas that you can make yourself – I find it so special when someones gives me (or the girls) something that they made themselves. That they found the idea, and took the time to make something unique […]

Weekend DIYs – Back to the office!

DIYs to organize your office

Happy fFriday, friends! Any fun plans this weekend? The girls are starting school next week, and I’ve also been looking at ideas to organize my new “office” – read here closet in the back of the house. Even though our new house is much bigger than our New York apartment, we don’t really have a […]

Weekend DIYs – Pink Power

DIYs in pink

This summer is going by way too fast – we’re just spent a week in Denmark to visit hubby’s family, and we’re only 3 days away from our move to San Francisco. THREE DAYS! Might as well be lightyears away, because even though I am super excited about our move, right now I don’t even […]

Weekend DIYs – 4th of July edition

4th of July DIYs

Do you like to celebrate 4th of July in style? Well then my friends, these projects were made just for you, no doubt about it! The great thing about being a French girl living in the USA is that our flags share the same colors…Bleu, Blanc, rouge for France. So when it comes the time […]

{this weekend} let’s make this and that

DIYs in pink and teal

Guess what…’s Friday! It’s been a hectic (short) week around here, and looking forward to relaxing a bit this weekend. We are planning on going to the Jersey shore this weekend and hitting the beach – it gotten SO hot all of the sudden here in NYC! But it sounds like summer hasn’t arrived everywhere, […]