The happiest baby blankets by Clementine Kids

Clementine Kids colorful baby blanket

You know these baby items that you just know will become heirlooms and passed down for generations? Exactly how I feel about Clementine Kids‘ new line of organic baby swaddles and reversible muslin blankets.

I mean, seriously, I nearly fell off my chair the first time I saw these gorgeous prints. The swaddles *almost* make me want to have another baby so I can wrap a tiny little body up in these beautiful designs 😉 I miss swaddling the girls so bad. But hey…I think I’ll stop there. I’ve had a good run with four :) But I mean, you guys, check these out:

Clementine Kids Swaddle blanketClementine Kids Blueberry swaddle
Clementine Kids reversible Muslin Quilts


We own the buttercup blossom and the raspberry peony quilts and the girls are crazy about their beautiful reversible quilts! They set up picnics in the living room, make beds for their dolls, and I keep one of their beds at night to keep them warm … the prints are so sweetly perfect and the muslin is soooooooo soft. Definitely check out Clementine Kids if you have or are expecting a little one – so very worth it :)


Clementine Kids Yellow floral swaddleClementine Kids Ice cream swaddle

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