Wanna chip in?

Paint chips are all the rage these days! Big things. Little things. Things to decorate your walls, your table….even things to eat! Paint chips bringing lovely pops of color everywhere and I am loving it. They are inspiring people left and right. Proof that the smallest of things in life can turn into big great ideas. So, time to think about your own little project with paint chips?

1. The genius of Emilie from Griottes. She recently made these pantone little tarts, and I can’t get enough the cleverness of her project. The tough part now? Choosing which one I’d like to eat! |2. Mural by Ixxi. Not technically paint chips, but you can see the influence here. And this company allows you to create your own mural with any of your pictures! |3. DIY paint chip gift tags via Real Simple. So simple yet brilliant! | 4. Paint chip placemats by Avril Loreti. Great color blocking for your table. |5. Lovely little DIY heart garland by Grace and Light. Another easy little project for your rainy Sundays!

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