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Our New York apartment is small. Like, REALLY small. We love it, but we had to think  creatively about how to best use the space we have. Our “office” ended up in our bedroom, even though we don’t like having screens in there. Now, I’d always wanted to add an inspiration board behind my computer- don’t get me wrong, I’m addicted to pinterest, but I also need a board that I can look up to while working. I just wasn’t hot on the idea of having a plain cork board in the room…but a pimped one?! Heck yeah, that’s more like it. The minute I saw the Lauren Moffat spring collection, I knew I had my inspiration – I am so in love with this collection. I toned the colors up a bit so it would match our room better, added a few flowers to soften the stripes a bit…et voila!

The details on how I made my inspiration board are at the end of this post. Now I know the neon hues aren’t going to work for every home, but you can easily adapt this project to fit your home by picking different colors.

That being said, my dear readers, I’d love to throw a little challenge to you all out there. Find an image, an object, something that really inspires you (maybe because of the colors, or the pattern or the shape of it), and use that to create something of your own. Let your imagination run wild! And if you come up with something you’re proud of, make sure to send some pics to audrey@thislittlestreet.com


What you need:
cork boards
– acrylic paint in white, gold and orange.
masking tape
mounting tape

(PS: I am only providing the links to make it easier for you guys to find what I bought. I won’t be making any money off anything you might purchase at these retailers).

Steps to follow:
1) Paint your board in white. Let dry. Paint again and let dry. Repeat until you are happy with the result (for me, it took three coats). The edges aren’t the easiest part, but you will probably only need one coat on the edges.
2) Apply masking tape to create stripes, vertically on one board and horizontally on two. My masking tape wasn’t wide enough for the type of stripes I wanted to make, and I had to work around that, but for you guys I linked to the right masking tape in the supply list, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that.
2) Paint the uncovered parts – with gold paint on the vertically-tripped board and with orange paint on the horizontal ones. Let dry.
3) Apply mounting tape on the back of each board close to the edges. Note: At first I used regular mounting tape, but it wasn’t strong enough for the boards, so I upgraded to something stronger.
4) Set the boards up on your wall.
5) You’re done.
6) Start putting up pretty images and get creative!

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12 Responses to “{rock it yourself} an inspiration board”
  1. Amanda says:

    Love the desk! And I actually tried on that Lauren Moffat dress last weekend =)

  2. Clemence says:

    Wonderful idea, and the board looks lovely! Thank you so much for the tutorial. Your photos are gorgeous too :)

  3. belinda says:

    oh my gosh!!!!! All i can say is great minds!!! What an incredible likeness – thanks so much for sharing with me – I LOVE it. I wish I could be so brave with colour, but I am completely useless!

  4. Miss J says:

    Hi there… just discovered you thanks to (the amazing) Pinterest. Just wanted to say that I loved your post and blog in general. Will try to come back visit loads! FYI, I am French but blogging from Milan.


  5. audrey says:

    Hello Miss J – so glad you found your way to This Little Street! I know, Pinterest rocks my world too, it’s pretty great. Hope to talk to you again soon :)

  6. txell says:

    I love the desk!!
    Where to buy?

    • audrey says:

      Hi! I got the desk from IKEA. It’s nice for small apartments or if you don’t have a lot of space for an office desk, because it’s quite small :)

  7. Carolynn says:

    And thank you for sharing your ideas & this post as it then inspired me to make this card!

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