Clementine Kids colorful baby blanket

You know these baby items that you just know will become heirlooms and passed down for generations? Exactly how I feel about Clementine Kids‘ new line of organic baby swaddles and reversible muslin blankets.

I mean, seriously, I nearly fell off my chair the first time I saw these gorgeous prints. The swaddles *almost* make me want to have another baby so I can wrap a tiny little body up in these beautiful designs 😉 I miss swaddling the girls so bad. But hey…I think I’ll stop there. I’ve had a good run with four :) But I mean, you guys, check these out:

Clementine Kids Swaddle blanketClementine Kids Blueberry swaddle
Clementine Kids reversible Muslin Quilts


We own the buttercup blossom and the raspberry peony quilts and the girls are crazy about their beautiful reversible quilts! They set up picnics in the living room, make beds for their dolls, and I keep one of their beds at night to keep them warm … the prints are so sweetly perfect and the muslin is soooooooo soft. Definitely check out Clementine Kids if you have or are expecting a little one – so very worth it :)


Clementine Kids Yellow floral swaddleClementine Kids Ice cream swaddle

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Scandinavian kitchen


What do you say, I think it is about time I show you what we did with our in-law unit downstairs :) I am sure many of you have seen some sneak peaks of it on my Instagram profile – and a few of you might have also caught glimpses of it in the Glitter Guide tour of my home last week – but it dawned on me that I never did a proper reveal of the space to show you all the details that went into it. So, let’s check it out, shall we?

If you remember from my “In-law renovation inspiration and before pics” post, the space looked this when we bought our home a couple years ago:

inlaw before 2

This space was done in the 60s and had not been updated since then. It was more than time for an update! And there, this is what it looks like now :) A simple but fun, cosy and comfortable space for out-of town guest. I may or may not do my fair share of hanging-out down there also 😉

SMEG fridgebright and cosy studio space with yellow doorwood canopy bed and rug

Demo day: Hubby and I did most of the work in the main room. We kept the brick wall fireplace and original recessed brass light -even though they don’t provide the best lighting, I love that they are part of the history of this house and we have them in other room of our home-but ripped out everything else. We set up the floating hardwood floors and painted everything ourselves, which saved us quite a bit of money. We then changed the doors (they were actually interior doors that they had used as exterior doors) so that we could bring more light in the room. And then of course, I painted them yellow. Because, duh 😉 These yellow doors make the space so cheerful and my hearts beats faster every time I see them 😉 At some point we plan on changing the windows so they go floor to bottom and add even more light, but the new doors already made a BIG difference.

The kitchenette: I decided on a whim to run shiplap on the kitchen wall to give it a bit more texture/interest and so glad I did. We stayed very budget friendly with this kitchen because it is not our main kitchen – simple white cabinets from IKEA with wood countertops also from IKEA. Truth is, I was saving my money so we could add one of those beautiful SMEG fridges to the space. And it was really so worth it! We use this fridge year round for drinks and overflow food storage when we have a party etc. It really completes the space and I am so glad I went for it! We only did lower cabinets in this kitchenette because we didn’t need the extra storage and it made the room feel crowded. Instead, I set up a simple open shelf to keep mugs and teapots handy.  A fun little table with the prettiest chevron wood pattern + vintage chairs I found at my local flee market, and you have the perfect setup for afternoon tea/coffee. A lot of very jet-lagged people come our way  😉

simple kitchenette and yellow doorstudio space and yellow doorbright yellow door

 Sleeping arrangements: The canopy bed is one of my favorite things about this room – I kinda wish the bed in our master was this cool but we just don’t have the ceiling clearance upstairs. I wanted to break up the space a bit and better define eating/sleeping area and the canopy bed did it’s magic! I thought for a second about adding a mantle on the fireplace, but with all the wood already going on with the canopy bed I think it would have just been too much. However, we upgrade the fireplace to a gas so that our guest could easily control the temperature of the room.

To finish off the space also includes this super good looking leather futon – simple, clean and super easy to set up whenever we need extra beds for guests. The only thing that is still missing in this space is a bit of clothing storage for people who stay longer –  either a dresser or we are also considering adding build-in storage in the little bit of hallway near the bathroom, probably the latter.

Canopy bedbright and fun studio spacewood open kitchen shelf simple kitchen and yellow door

now, THE BATHROOM! The bathroom in the in-law is probably where we saw the most dramatic changes – also the one that cost the most money, uhm 😉 But again, completely worth it. As a reminder, this what the bathroom looked like when we bought our house:

inlaw reno before 3

And what it looks like now! Good by pink toilet and shell sink, hello pretty cement tiles and gorgeous brass faucets :) The end goal was to build a relaxing and functional bathroom with personality.

bright modern bathroom with cement tilesbrass planters and wood bathroom mirror

I don’t know about you, but I personally have never been a fan of the shower/bath combo – I get it, they are very practical, but I’d much rather pick one and have that done well. For guests I thought shower would be the most practical so we gutted out that pink tub. The shower head was pretty expensive but it really elevated that overall look and feel of the bathroom.

The door to get into the bathroom used to single into an already tiny bathroom so changed it to open out – made a big difference! I also opted for a floating vanity to make this tiny bathroom more airy. We had some cement tiles left over from our front yard remodel, and I thought they would be simply perfect in this bedroom – they were indeed perfect. They added just the right amount of yellow to tie in with what we have going on in the main room.

bras, wood and white bathroombrass, wood and white modern bathroomcement floor tiles bathroom

I am so happy that we have this comfortable, welcoming space to host family and friends. This room was our first big home project, and I can’t wait to see some more of this with time. Let me know what you think of this space!


Kitchen cabinets and countertop
SMEG fridge in white
Table and bench
Leather futon from France and Son (Similar)
Brass floor lamp
Bed sconces
Leather sling side table (no longer available)

Bathroom vanity
White sconce from West Elm (not available anymore)
Cement floor tiles
Shower tiles
Faucet in brushed gold
Shower head in brushed gold
Wood towel rack
Yellow and brass hook, similar here
Hanging brass planters

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I never really put as much thought into decorating my little girls’ bedroom as I did for my big girls’ bedroom. I think I was just in survival mode for a while – their bedroom was nice and did the job. A bed, a crib, a rug….and then somehow out of nowhere a couple weeks ago I decided I’d paint a mural for them. I just wanted the space to feel magical, out of Alice in wonderland :) Boom – it was exactly what this room needed! These pictures were taken with my iphone so forgive the quality, but anyway, here is the result! The girls are so in love with it, and so do it – my big girls’ are now begging me for a mural in their room too 😉

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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One of my favorite collaborations I’ve done so far – my wild meadow floral pattern on these adorable oxfords and maryjanes soft soles by Mon Petit Shoes :) They are handmade in the USA with the softest of leather – and let me tell you, the craftsmanshift is impeccable. They are available for sale here but hurry – something tells me they are going to go fast!

IMG_0476 IMG_0539IMG_0462 IMG_0596

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2017 calendar (free printable!)


Some super exciting news today – I am launching my brand new kid pattern collections on Spoonflower! All of my new patterns are now available for purchase here on Spoonflower as fabric (soooo many types of fabrics!), removable wallpaper and gift wrap – and I can’t wait to see these patterns on more than just fabric :)

I’ve been giving you guys many sneak peaks on Instagram these past few weeks, and I am sorry I had to make you wait to show you it all –  but I couldn’t launch these new patterns on Spoonflower until after these were unveiled at a big textile tradeshow in Germany called Heimtextil earlier this week :)


I designed each collection in the lookbook around new adventures – colorful worlds that I hope you (and the kiddos around you) will love exploring! You’ll find pine forest and and hiding deers in The mountains are calling collection, animals gathering in and acorns flying in my Whimsical woodland collection, sneaky inchworms and your healthy portion of vegetables in my Little Gardener collection, creatures from the North and snowy landscapes in my Up North/Scandinavian Dreams collection, and unicorns in dreamy flower fields in my Fairytales come true collection.

The lookbook for the tradeshow was the very first lookbook I ever designed, and let’s just say that it came with growing pains….lots of them 😛 but I am so happy with how it turned out! You can see the entire lookbook here.


I really hope you love these new patterns. I truly truly do. I’ve gotta say, I’ve got my favorite patterns in the bunch….but before I tell you which ones, I’d love to know which ones YOU love!  Leave me a comment, or “like” you favorite ones in my Spoonflower shop so it know :) Because after all, it’s your feedback that helps me grow :) Have a great weekend!

PS: Giveaway coming up today around 9:30am PST on my Instagram profile! Make sure you check in so you can enter :) :) :) 

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2017-calendar_imageIt’s that time of the year again, friends – get excited! I know I am doing cartwheels in my living room 😛 My friend Jessica and I juuuust finished our 2017 calendar, and it’s all ready for you guys to print from the comfort of your home – all for free. A little gift from us to you awesome readers :) So many of you loved last year’s calendar and have been emailing us asking if we’d have a 2017 edition. Well duh! there you go :)


As I am preparing to participate to my very first textile tradeshow this winter – and getting every bit nervous about having my designs surrounded by the amazing work of so many of my favorite designers-, I wanted to create a little calendar around the theme of taking “the road less traveled”. To remind myself that it’s ok to wonder, and explore, and not follow the path set by other. To stay original and true to myself. That there is no mountain that you and I can’t climb. Hoping this free 2017 calendar takes you off the beaten path every month :)


The calendar includes some of my most recent designs (which you can find in my Spoonflower shop) along with some of the designs I’ll be launching at the tradeshow – yep, sneak peek for you ;)The calendar also features the amazing calligraphy from the super talented Jessica Keala. Love her work, always have and so grateful to be work on this with her every year! We would love to hear what your favorite month is if you have one.


And more BIG NEWS: to match with the free printable Jessica and I also created a “take the road less traveled” calendar tea towel as well as a one-page cardstock print  – a little something you can gift to a friend or yourself this holiday season 😉 You can buy the tea towel here on Roostery and the 10×14 2017 Calendar print here in Jessica’s print shop.

We truly appreciate every sale as it helps support our work :)


One last thing: we loved it this year when you guys showed off your 2016 calendars on Instagram last year, so make sure to tag @jessicakeala and @thislittlestreet again when you post of picture on IG so that we can see your lovely pics of our free 2017 calendar :)

Click below to download and print the full 2017 calendar.

“Take the road less traveled” tea towel calendar

Please note: each month is printable on 8.5 x 11″ (letter) paper. Print in high resolution on white, thick card stock for best results. I cut the white edges for a cleaner look but the calendar is just as lovely with the white edges left after printing too. Also, the colors might show more saturated than they really are if you are looking at the pdf file on your phone but don’t be scared – we optimized the file so that the colors will print best. Enjoy!

Calendar and wallpaper created and copyrighted by Audrey of This Little Street (artwork) and Jessica Keala (calligraphy/layout). For personal and non-commercial use only. You are not allowed to sell this calendar in digital or print form, nor to distribute it in its original or in an altered form. Please link back to this original post if you want to share this calendar – do not link directly to the file. Thank you!

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NEW 2017 pattern collections & my very first lookbook!


Put your party hats on! We are celebrating the release of my friend Melissa‘s new book called Scandinavian Gathering with not one but two fun surprises: 1) an exclusive DIY extract from the book, and 2) an Instagram giveaway so you can win a copy of the book here.

When Melissa asked me a few months ago if I could help her review and promote the book, of course I said yes – she is my friend, and it’s a book about Scandinavia so really, it was a not brainer! If you’ve been a reader for a while, you’ve got to know by now that I am NUTS about anything Scandinavian. What I didn’t expect though when I told her I would help, is to love the book THIS MUCH! I have pretty hight standards when it comes to books, and just found myself drooling all over every single of the 70 recipes and crafts. Every page took me back our vacations visiting my husband’s family in Denmark.

One of my favorite projects in the book is the one I am sharing with you today: a DIY Danish townhouse place card holders. Every time we go to Denmark, hubby and I make a point of spending a day together in Copenhagen (best city!!!) and we aways visit the old port of Nyhavn. The colors of the houses in Nyhavn are just amazing – see here in my IG feed!- and so I just had to make a few of these place holders. They are so fun for little dinner celebrations, and they look awesome on our shelves whenever we are not using them.

Hope you have fun with this project! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway on my Instagram account here for your chance to win your own copy of Scandinavian Gatherings.PS: I changed the DIY a bit when I did my townhouses because I didn’t have terracota-colored paint – so just ended up staining the roof part. But I love seeing the wood plain as is :)


*(c)2016 By Melissa Bahen. All rights reserved. Excerpted from Scandinavian Gatherings; From Afternoon Fika to Midsummer Feast 70 SIMPLE RECIPES & CRAFTS FOR EVERYDAY CELEBRATIONS: 70 Simple Recipes and Crafts for Everyday Celebrations by permission of Sasquatch Books.

Danish Townhouse Place Card Holders

Nyhavn, or “New Harbor” in Danish, is a waterfront area in Copenhagen that is famous for its colorful buildings. Yellow, orange, blue, red, and pink, the white-trimmed houses are one of the most famous sights in Denmark—just ask any postcard! These adorable little townhouse card holders are so versatile. They can hold place cards at a breakfast gathering, menu cards at a dinner party, and even photos, postcards, and keepsakes.


1 (2-by-2-inch) piece of wood

Small handsaw or jigsaw Miter box (optional) Sandpaper
Sponge brush

Craft paint in white, red, dark gray, terra-cotta, pastel pink, pastel blue, pastel yellow, and pale orange

Painter’s tape

Soft-bristled paintbrush, about 1⁄4 inch wide

White fine-tipped oil-based paint marker

  1. At the hardware store, have them cut your 2-by-2-inch piece of wood into 6-inch sections.
  2. Use the handsaw to cut each section of wood in half. There’s no real need to measure here, because the goal is to get blocks of slightly different heights—just eyeball it! Try to make your cuts as straight as possible; if you have one, a miter box will help. The ends that were cut at the hardware store will be perfectly straight; make those ends the bottoms of the houses, and the cuts you make can be the tops.
  3. Make a straight cut about 1⁄4 inch deep across the square face of each block that will be the roof. This will be the slot for place cards.
  4. Sand all of the cut edges of each block with the sandpaper until they are smooth. Tuck the sandpaper down into the card slot and sand both sides of that lightly as well.
  5. Using a sponge brush, paint each block, starting with the color for the main part of the house (white, orange, red, yellow, pink, or light blue). You don’t need to paint the top or bottom of the block, just the four sides. Paint as many coats as needed, allowing each coat to dry before adding another.
  6. Next, tape off the roof line using the painter’s tape. Some roofs can run side to side (with the peak on the front of the house) and some can run the opposite direction (with the peaks on the sides of the house). Mix it up for some variety! Paint the roofs in either dark gray or terra-cotta. Make sure to paint the top of each block as well. Paint as many coats as needed. As soon as you are done painting, remove the tape and allow the roofs to dry.
  7. Use the soft-bristled brush to paint a few dark-gray windows on the front of the house. The windows don’t need to look like perfect little rectangles; using a single stroke of the brush for each window is ne. Don’t worry about a door, or windows on the sides or back of the house. Let the paint dry completely.
  8. Using the white paint marker, draw a line between the house and the roof to represent the white trim work common on Nyhavn houses. Draw white trim around the windows too, and draw a cross on each window to create windowpanes.

9. Allow the paint to dry completely. If the slot for the cards has paint stuck in it, gently pop your handsaw back into the space to dislodge any paint and to reopen the slot.

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Working with Free Babes was such a blast last Spring (and the bows sold out sooo fast!) that we decide to work together this fall with a new bow collection for your little free spirit :) The bows are launching today at 10am MST and will be available here on Free Babes all fall. These bows were inspired by fall in Scandinavian – a red cabin nestled in a fjord, cosy blankets, golden leaves and sneaky little foxes running around, adventures in the woods. Mighty little bows for mighty little girls: the Freia red floral, the tiny fox print, the green plaid and our classic Scandinavian floral in mustard.


I really  have a hard time picking a favorite in this collection! The green plaid bow has this amazing thick texture – so perfect for fall!-, the tiny foxes literally go with any outfit, the Scandinavian floral is this absolutely perfect shade of mustard yellow, and the Freia floral is so bold and beautiful – an eye-catcher! I’d love to hear what you think of this collection! You can find all of my bows for sale here. Happy Monday :)


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Summer almost over? Say it ain’t so :) Today is a special day because I am launching a collection that I designed for June Loop of mix and match swimwear for mamas and their littles. Before I talk to you more about this fun collaboration, just know that these suits come in very limited numbers, and we are launching at 9am MST – so if you like a piece, don’t wait!!! Psssssss: we are also giving away a mama + mini swim set on Instagram, go here to enter!



I loved June Loop‘s swimwear the minute I found out about it. Ultra high waisted bottoms, comfy yet super feminine tops…swimwear that is just perfect for the active woman! And by active, I don’t necessarily mean that you like to do yoga on the beach. If you’re like me, chasing little ones up and down the beach, you probably have enough of flashing everyone on the beach 😉 These swimsuit tops save you from that, believe me 😛 And I love love love the matching mini suits for little girls. The best!


Kristie from June Loop and I found each other on social media in May, and we decided it would be fun to work together on a little something special for you guys – and fun it sure was! Kristie (the founder of June Loop) and I are still full time moms and we spent many late nights dreaming this collection while our little ones where sleeping. Kristie is one amazing, kick-ass woman entrepreneur who started making swimsuits for her friends 2 years ago, and now she can’t quite keep up with the demand her suits are so amazing!


My favorite print in the entire collection is by far the watercolor tropical birds print  – which I created originally for the little ones but we loved that print so much that Kristie decided to make a top for women too with this print. If you like more subtle prints, you will love my green watercolor polka dots print in the peplum top, or the small leaves and flowers print in the high waisted bottoms. One of my goals when I created this collection was to include more watercolor work, and I am so glad I did because the result on the printed fabric is really beautiful – so many shades of colors!

juneloop1 Juneloop2IMG_4306IMG_8960IMG_8926juneloop4IMG_4546

The girls and I have been living in our June Loop swimsuits since we received the collection samples. They are some comfortable and fit perfectly! I think the swimsuits run a tiny bit on the smaller side so don’t hesitate sizing up if you are between two sizes. My girls are on the taller side but so you know Penelope is wearing a size 1-2 in the pics, Freia a size 3-4, Madeline a size 5-6 and Olivia a size 7-8. I am wearing a size M in the pictures -again, I am also quite tall. If you have any Qs regarding fit/sizes, just reach out to June Loop on Instagram or via email and Kristie is amazing at giving more details.

and I hope that you guys enjoy yours just as much if you decide to get one :) I can’t wait to hear what you guys think of the collection! And again, don’t forget we’re giving away a woman + mini swim set, so make sure to enter here on the giveaway post :)


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gorgeous vintage kitchenSource

Part three of the renovation of my parents’ little French farm – which is still underway! Last week I shared a status update to show you where we’re at, and today I wanted to show you a bit more about where we are going – the inspiration that’s driving all of this. My parents are driving the remodeling work – my dad worked in construction his entire life, he used to own a building company that made that worked on big/commercial projects – factories, schools etc- so he has all sorts of building superpowers.

But  when it comes to the whole decorating/interior design stuff, it doesn’t come so natural to them so they asked me to step in. And same thing with the cost of this project – since that house will be for my brother and I but it will still belong to my parents, we decided together that they would cover the cost of doing the big remodeling costs (concrete, new wall, sheetrock, electricity etc) – my dad is doing a lot of that work himself – and that my  brother and I would cover the finishes (tiles, hardwood floor, paints, furniture, etc).


I am really excited about the kitchen/dining area in the house. It has this beautiful, old focal fireplace, and we want to give that area some of it’s rustic feel – but yet keep it fresh and light. My brother and I picked a super fun vintage looking tile at the local shop, and we’ll have that tile all over the kitchen/dining area. I think it will make quite a statement! My mom and I have our eyes set on doing a simple, rustic type of kitchen in a light blue (similar to the top left picture in the board), and she’s working with the local lumber place to have that crafted. We plan on adding more touches of blue here and there – to make amore seamless connection between the outside (blue door) and inside.

My dad was crazy about this old wood stove, and he couldn’t wait so he already installed that in the room. Right now the fridge they have their is super tiny, so we have to replace that, and we’ll probably go for something with a vintage feel like a Smeg. We’ll have a long farmhouse table that can sit everybody but the meals, some fun little shelves here and there to display old bowls and vases. It’s going to be such a fun room!


The living room is directly connected to the kitchen/dining area, but we didn’t want to carry the tiles there are we thought it would 1) be too much of that pattern, and 2) we wanted to do something warmer for little feet, a cosy flooring. So we’ll be putting hardwood there. It’s going to have this beautiful natural tone and complement the room so well! We’re still trying to figure out the whole furniture arrangement of the room, but have a good idea – except for that one tricky corner at the very end of the room. That corner is going to stay there as is until we get the rest of the room ready, and then we’ll decide what the best use for it is. My guess would be more casual seating (couch?), but we’ll see. The room as lots of wood because of the beams, so we’ll try to break that up with some rugs, cosy furniture, some build-ins that we’ll paint white. And of course touches of color here and there 😉


The upstairs bedroom aren’t too big, but the ceiling is super high so it makes the bedroom feel a lot bigger than they really are. We’re going to keep them very simple. Simple linen on the beds, old dressers etc. I want to use some of the beams to hang plants from, little things like that. Not sure how  much colors these rooms will have yet. My parents picked the hardwood floor for upstairs and installed it before I knew it, so it won’t match the hardwood floor we’ll have downstairs, but that’s ok. The one they picked is a light grey color (you can see it here), and it is nice and keeps the rooms looking simple and fresh.


The dormitory is this super fun room I can’t wait to get started on! that’s where we’re going to pill up all the cousins when they meet up for vacation :) The room is fairly big (and again, with high ceilings), so we’ll line up beds dormitory style, and we’re also planning on adding a loft space to make good use of that high ceiling. That space can be used to add beds if needed, or simply as reading/play space. I’d REALLY love to add a swing from of of the beams, but let’s see if I can make that happen! We’ll add some fun color in this room. I want to use metal trunks in bright colors for storage, anything that will make this room functional but still fun. Oh, and I am planning an sneaking in some of new patterns I am working on in this room 😉




We are keeping the bathroom pretty simple. Originally I would have love to do a patterned tile on the floor in one of the bathroom, but again, my parents moved forward with the bathrooms faster than I planned, and they picked a dark grey tiles to put on the floor for both bathroom. But really, it’s a lovely tile, very simple, and they added white cabinetry that doesn’t have any doors with wood countertop. Very simple :) The upstairs bathroom is bigger and has natural light (thank you skylight!), and the downstairs bathroom is much smaller/no natural light but we’re hoping to still find a way to make it feel like it’s not a cave 😛 So I said we’re keeping things simple in the bathrooms,  but OF COURSE we’ll be putting some fun patterns in the tiling of the showers, because, you know, these bathrooms do need a little personality 😉 Just like for the kitchen tile, my brother and I went to the local shop and picked one type of tile for the downstairs shower, and another for the upstairs shower. I think it will look great! In the downstairs shower, my dad is keeping a little corner where we can add a washing machine, and we’re trying to make that corner very clean and simple too.

Here is the picture of all three tiles we picked for the house, can you guess which one goes where?


I know that in my last status update it still looks like we’re a long way from decorating (especially the downstairs), but really now that the bigger work is done, it’s going to move quite fast – and I can’t wait to start adding all of the little house that are going to make this little French farm a cosy little place :)

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